Chief Advisor’s Message

Principal Message

St Kabir Public School provides opportunity to each child to progress and experience success. We follow a collaborative approach where the school, parents and teachers form a partnership and support each other through the child’s journey in school. Due to rapid development of technology our teachers are trained to provide technology supported learning opportunities to the students through smart boards. We are proud of the fact that the teachers here, have been empowered and better equipped to engage the attention of the students and create more effective learning environment. To promote holistic learning, Theatre in Education is being promoted through the Wings Theatre Academy. Through high order thinking skills, Mind Edutainment teaches children how to analyse a thought process. Participation in Inter house and extra curricular activities is encouraged. Starting them young-a provision for morning and afternoon games is available where coaching for football, cricket and basketball is available. Every new process that is started in school is measured and its outcome analysed. The experiences that the child undergoes within the school are invaluable and they go a long way in grooming the child, equipping him to face the challenges and shoulder the responsibilities that lie ahead. I am reminded of the beautiful Vedic peace chant in which the teacher and student are offering their prayer to the divine to protect them, to work together with great energy, to acquire knowledge and goodness, to develop good character – and that is our endeavour at St Kabir.