The Real Super Humans

Posted On December 17th, 2014Category: Poems

The Real Super Humans


• When I saw a T.V. show about super humans on earth,
I felt some people were missing in the presentation.
As of respect & credit there’s a dearth,
For the people who indirectly shape a nation.

• If somebody asked me about today’s godly incarnations,
Or of the most influential peace preachers.
I’d immediately point out to the pioneers of education,
The immortal, indomitable teachers.

• They are like a beacon of light,
In the darkest of times.
Even in the darkest, shrillest of nights,
In my mind their calming voice does chime.

• Teachers to me are reminiscent of candles,
To students tired, weary and lost.
For any situation they fearlessly handle,
Helping us at probably any cost.

• Their knowledge bank is so vast,
Yet their thirst for knowledge is never quenched.
They effortlessly learn from the present and the past,
With pieces of wisdom their souls are drenched.

• A great saying goes as follows,
Behind every successful man there’s a woman.
But it’s not probably our to-be-spouse who’ll be our hallow,
But a teacher with whom we had so much fun.

• Yet when we look back at these years,
Our own morality we will suspect.
Our eyes will probably be drenched with tears.
On realizing that we didn’t give them enough respect.

• When like us their eyes too are tired, full of weariness,
They suppress it with an unbeatable smile.
As their spirits always show fullness,
Aiming to go that extra mile.

• A lot else I can say,
About teachers-our guides true.
As from our very passing out day,
Oh! Great teachers we will miss you.

• Thank you for shaping up our dreams,
We can forget you never.
Nor your love that flowed in huge streams,
As in our hearts you are etched forever.

• In our lifetimes you teach without a fuss,
All kinds of intelligent or nasty creatures.
So indeed it is inevitable for us,
To salute you – Oh! Great teachers.

• To these perfectionists we pay our tribute,
Our ‘Real Super Humans’ we give you a heartfelt salute.

Daksh Walia – Class – IX